Nicky Boecker

“As a prior athlete, I have always valued a good workout and total body fitness. With Nick as my fitness trainer, my workouts are always intense and highly effective. I called upon Nick’s help after the birth of my second child. I was working out consistently and dieting, but I found losing the weight and gaining back my muscle tone too difficult to achieve on my own. My scale was showing lower numbers, but my clothes just weren’t fitting the same.

Working with Nick has given me the motivation and a new confidence to set larger goals and get greater results for myself. Nick’s workouts combine weight training and cardio circuits that have definitely maximized my results. After almost three years with Nick, I still can’t predict my workouts and my body still responds positively to all our efforts. The combination of his circuit training variations and workout accessories make every workout a new and energizing experience. What truly makes Nick and his workouts so effective are his passion and enthusiasm for working out and challenging you to get the best results possible. I like being pushed to limits I have never been pushed to before, and in doing so with Nick, I am stronger than ever. I look and feel better, and my overall quality of life is better. Thanks Nick!”

– Nicky Boecker – Working Mom of Three!!!

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