“I worked with Nick from 2002-2010 at the Premiere Fitness Club located in the Oak Brook Park District. I can say with confidence that Nick was one of the top trainers at the club. Nick has the knowledge and motivational skills to help anyone reach their goals in a safe and healthy manner. Nick’s personal fitness level is proof enough that not only does he know the proper way to exercise and stay healthy, but he practices what he preaches.”

– Ricardo Lamas, UFC  #1 Featherweight Contender

“I honestly wouldn’t be where am I now, both physically and athletically without Nick’s amazing training. He knows what it takes to compete at a high level in not only athletics but physical training, and he makes sure his clients know that as well. Being the starting libero for NYU’s varsity volleyball team requires mental and physical strength. Nick can provide just that. Not only does he provide a necessary workout program for whatever needs you may have, more importantly he encourages you to do it to the best of your ability.”

Jay Hayes, Former NYU Men’s Volleyball Starting Libero & Team Captain

“His understanding of structural integrity, compensatory movements, corrective exercise training and performance enhancement training is extensive and impressive.”

– Dr. Thomas P. Sattler
University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Coordinator of the Applied Exercise Physiology Program/ Chicago Blackhawks Professional Hockey Team Conditioning and Training Coordinator (1982-1988)

“My son is a competitive wrestler where strength and balance are imperative. Over the past year Nick Perri has successfully doubled my son’s strength and greatly improved his balance. This was accomplished with persistent hard work and an awareness of the sport’s requirements. Nick has gone the distance for my son and I would highly recommend him to train your son or daughter.”

-Todd Hudson

During the past year, I had the pleasure of training with Nick. Originally, I thought that getting toned was way out of reach, and defining my abs, well that was in my dreams! Nick shared techniques and a workout plan, which I’ve made part of my routine, simple techniques that I am able to do at home, gym and at the many hotel rooms while I’m away on travel. I am so excited that I can see my abs now. A few months ago at the gym, in two different occasions, I had some ladies come to me asking me if I was a personal trainer. That’s what I call results! Now, I know that’s a stretch, but the point is that it was the best compliment that I could have received…it was inspiring and I’m grateful to Nick, to have given me that inspiration. Thank you, Nick!

– Lorena Stranigan

“As a prior athlete, I have always valued a good workout and total body fitness. With Nick as my fitness trainer, my workouts are always intense and highly effective. I called upon Nick’s help after the birth of my second child. I was working out consistently and dieting, but I found losing the weight and gaining back my muscle tone too difficult to achieve on my own. My scale was showing lower numbers, but my clothes just weren’t fitting the same.

Working with Nick has given me the motivation and a new confidence to set larger goals and get greater results for myself. Nick’s workouts combine weight training and cardio circuits that have definitely maximized my results. After almost three years with Nick, I still can’t predict my workouts and my body still responds positively to all our efforts. The combination of his circuit training variations and workout accessories make every workout a new and energizing experience. What truly makes Nick and his workouts so effective are his passion and enthusiasm for working out and challenging you to get the best results possible. I like being pushed to limits I have never been pushed to before, and in doing so with Nick, I am stronger than ever. I look and feel better, and my overall quality of life is better. Thanks Nick!”

– Nicky Boecker – Working Mom of Three!!!

“I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using Nick as my main trainer. I have been working out 3 times a week with Nick for the past year and a half and he continues to blow me away with his knowledge of exercise physiology. He has been a godsend in motivating me and helping to shed the stubborn pounds that were slowing me down. He has been instrumental in guiding me to feel stronger, leaner, and focused. I have found over the years that many people claim to be “personal trainers”, but few actually deliver. I feel very fortunate to have Nick as part of my exercise regimen; his knowledge and professionalism place him at the head of the pack.”

– Rocco Salviola

“I began training with Nick in January 2006 at the age of 48. He has exceeded all expectations I had of working with a personal trainer and convinced me that it is never too late to get in shape. Nick has given me a new appreciation for exercise and has kept me accountable in accomplishing my weight loss goal. To date, I have lost 39lbs and I am working towards new and loftier goals.

He sincerely cares about his client’s health and strives for excellence in his profession. His perfectionism keeps the training sessions intense and rewarding. I appreciate his patience in making sure I do the exercises with proper form. I have more energy and strength today than I have had in years because of Nick’s training. I highly recommend his service to anyone of any age.”

– Jeanette Shamis

“Since training with Nick Perri, I have never been more fit in my entire life! Not only did I lose 35 pounds within my first year of training but I’ve kept the weight off for over five years now. I can’t believe how much more energy I have and how my level of endurance has dramatically increased, especially in my cardio workouts. I have also gained strength, flexibility and balance, along with a stronger and more stable core.

I know I would never have been able to reach these results on my own. While stressing proper body mechanics and good form during each training session, Nick also motivates and challenges me to reach my maximum potential. He always adds something new to each workout, to keep the sessions from becoming old and routine.

Nick brings a high level of energy and motivation to every personal training session. Nick is an extremely qualified, experienced and dedicated trainer – a true professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their level of fitness.”

– Maureen Drone

“Since I started training with Nick nearly one year ago, my workouts and my attitude have reached a whole new level. Even as a former college athlete, Nick has been able to generate results that I never would have been able to obtain on my own. I had reached a plateau toward my weight loss and strength gain goals, but Nick’s ability to analyze my body type, my strengths and weaknesses, and his willingness to mold these with my own goals has allowed me to unlock my body’s full potential. The results have been astounding and I have now lost an additional 23 lbs. in 7 month’s. Not only have I gained strength, flexibility and quickness, but I have also gained new perspective on what I can achieve as an individual and what I can accomplish with my body and mind. “

– John Holborow

“I have been training with Nick for about 10 years and I plan to continue training with him for many reasons. His knowledge of exercise and how it relates to age and lifestyle has kept me from injury. His use of balance and form with weight training was educational for me because I didn’t realize I was losing the balance I had when I was younger until he challenged it and helped me to regain it.

He brings new equipment and new ways to train that make it fun for me. We rarely repeat the same exercise in the same month. I feel stronger today than I ever have, and might go so far as to suggest that at the age of 53, I am the envy of at least one or two friends. “

– Deborah Barry R.N.

“Nick always took the time to make sure I understood the what, why, and how of each exercise. It wasn’t a particular exercise for the sake of exercise. He made sure I understood how everything in the body worked together. This has made it easier for me to develop a routine that I can do on my own and with proper form.If you’re looking for a trainer to help you get started on the right track, refresh your knowledge and skills, or stay going, I strongly recommend Nick. He truly helped me change my life!”

-Rich Lynch

”With my military and medical background, I have come across many trainers and Nick ranks as one of the best. His approach is unique and he effectively applies his keen insight to meeting the goals of his clients. He is able to assess the needs of his clients and tailor an individual program that will work best for them rather than a “one size fits all” approach. The results speak for themselves. Nick is single handedly improving the health of Americans one client at a time!”

– Sudip Bose, MD, FACEP, FAAEM/Emergency Medicine Physician/Associate Clinical Professor/Former Major, U.S. Army

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