How to Breathe Properly While Running

Nicholas J. Perri MA, NASM-PES

I have been running for almost 30 years and while I am not a running coach, I have picked up a few things that allow me to run more efficiently and effectively. The most important thing is how to breathe properly and avoid labored breathing. The easiest way to describe it is to create a rhythm between your strides and your inhales and exhales. You’re basically making music while you run and you’ll be amazed at how much keeping that rhythm allows you to stay more relaxed and more connected to your run both physically and mentally. Not to mention, a more consistent pace. For me, breathing in for two strides and breathing out for two strides creates a rhythm that allows me to perform at my highest level. While your breathing pattern might differ slightly depending on your stride, in number of strides per exhale or inhale, it is a good starting point. Here is a video I created two years ago (with over 10,000 views) that demonstrates what I have explained here…


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